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Who can help you?

NYAS Advocacy available on mobile and tablet

NYAS have launched a new app available on Apple app store on IPhone, iPad and Google play. The App is available offline, It’s the only App available to young people, so young people can self-refer , request a call back, look at information about your rights , how to complain, if you don’t feel happy about a situation, or you would like change, start or stop anything, if you don’t feel listened too, or need someone to be your Voice? NYAS can help.

More information on www.nyas.net

An Advocate

What is an Advocate and how can they help you?

An advocate is someone who can help you solve your problems and can speak to people in your PEP meetings or Reviews if you don’t want too.

They can

  • Help you get your pocket money
  • Help you stay where you want to
  • Come along to your reviews and PEP meetings
  • Can talk to your social worker or foster carer for you
  • Help you if you are getting bullied
  • Can come and see you and talk about your life
  • Help to change things
  • You can tell them anything you want
  • Help you with any problems at school or home
  • Help you when your sad

They work for NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service).

If you want an Advocate to help you, ask your social worker, foster carer, support worker or Independent Reviewing Manager and they can arrange one for you.

key members of staff and their teams

  • Liz Davenport- Divisional Manager Children in Care/ Care Leavers team
  • Sarah Riley- Principle Manager- Children in Care/ Care Leavers team
  • Sam Murtagh- Divisional manager Placements
  •  CICC mentors/ young inspectors