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What you are entitled to

If you are living in foster care (residential care/private foster care the amounts you receive can be different), you should be receiving pocket money.  The amount you receive will be different depending on your age.  Your foster carer should give you pocket money every week, some of it could be put into a bank account.

This is what you should receive:

Pocket Money

Age Amount
0-4 £4
5 – 15 £9
16 – 17 £16


Your foster carer will also receive holiday, birthday and festival allowances for you.

Age Band Holiday Birthday Festival
0 -4 years £267 £133 £133
5 – 15 years £351 £160 £160
16 -17 years £458 £213 £213


When you first move into your placement, your foster carer will receive money to buy your school uniform and they will be given an allowance to buy your clothes.

For more information, see the Entitlements Leaflet

Care Leavers

  • Care Leavers are entitled to a setting up home grant of £2000
  • Care Leavers who go to university are entitled to a total of £2000 bursary, payments are split over the 3 years
  • Care Leavers receive £50 birthday money on their 18th and 21st birthdays
  • Care Leavers receive £50 Christmas money